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Is divorce contagious among friends?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Blog

Human beings are social creatures, and that social impulse often motivates us to be influenced by the behaviors of the people around us. You might have heard of the spread of so-called baby fever, which increases as friends coincidentally become pregnant, but you might not be familiar with divorce fever. According to CNN, a recently published study indicates such a thing might exist.

If you have friends who have recently divorced, it certainly is not a death sentence for your own marriage. It may, however, influence your view of separation and allow you to consider it as an option. The following are a few other reasons divorce may seem contagious among friends and family:

It may normalize

Simply put, seeing your friends go through a divorce may abolish the idea is an unimaginable prospect. It might normalize the experience as one that normal people go through. This is especially true if your friend confides in you and explains why he or she is separating from a spouse. Seeing things from your friend’s perspective can change your own.

Common contributors


People in the same social circles typically have certain things in common. Perhaps you are within a close age range, maybe you have similar levels of education or maybe you work in the same industries. No matter what factors brought you together, it is these circumstances that might commonly contribute to divorce. If specific stress in one marriage precedes a separation, it could affect yours, too.

You might see benefits

It is often imagined that divorce can only cause a person to be morose and regretful. On the contrary, separations are often a cause for celebration among both parties. If you see a friend go through a divorce and come out on the other end happier, healthier and less stressed, you might see the benefits it could offer you, as well. 



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