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Shared parenting can provide stability for your children

As you weigh your options for continuing to parent your children even though you are divorcing your spouse, remember that what works for other families you know who have gone through a divorce, may not be as functional for you. Take your time in developing and refining the agreement you and your spouse make to find an arrangement that is beneficial to everyone involved. At Dittrich Law Firm, P.A., we have been able to help many individuals in Minnesota to work through a divorce. 

One of the most critical factors of support that you will need to provide for your children as you and your spouse are divorcing is stability. Sudden and extreme changes in their routine and the day-to-day schedules they have come to value can leave your children feeling uneasy, fearful and anxious. Despite the inevitable change in your relationship, your primary focus should be on the stability of the life you continue to maintain for your children. 

When you and your spouse are able to be agreeable on decisions relating to your children, you may notice a considerable difference in the response of your children to their situation. According to, some of the benefits your children may be recipients of as a result of your decision to share parenting responsibilities include the ability to learn about characteristics such as tolerance, agreeableness and the ability to solve problems with confidence. As you and your ex demonstrate through example, the ability to remain cordial despite your marriage ending, your children will learn valuable lessons about building and maintaining relationships. 

When you are willing to see the value of shared parenting and work toward establishing a functional arrangement that will work for you, your ex and your children, you may be better able to provide a stable life for the people you care about most. For more information about child visitation, visit our web page. 

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