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Creating an estate plan during the springtime

On Behalf of | May 4, 2019 | Elder Law & Estate Planning

For many people, springtime represents a fresh start and moving on from a long winter. Along with spring cleaning, planning summer vacations and adjusting to more tolerable weather, there are other responsibilities that may need to be addressed, such as creating an estate plan. The spring can be a great time of year for setting up a will or creating a trust, and you should not push off this important decision if you want to have a plan in place to protect your estate.

In the winter, some people feel depressed or hesitant to tackle these issues as a result of the weather. During the summer months, some people feel a lack of energy due to relentless heat and busy schedules (such as children and grandchildren spending time around the house because school is out, summer trips, etc.). As a result, spring can be an excellent time of year to move forward with an estate plan and have peace of mind knowing that assets will be managed properly in the event that something unexpected takes place.

If you are thinking about creating a trust or will, this could be a great time of year to get started and it is essential to carefully explore your options. There may be a number of decisions to make when it comes to your estate plan, from identifying the most beneficial type of trust to naming beneficiaries and figuring out how your assets will be distributed. It is important to set up an estate plan before other responsibilities and time-consuming activities may arise.

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