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Identifying how divorced parents may affect a future marriage

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Divorce

There has been researching centered on how children are affected by their parents’ decision to divorce from each other. Other studies focus on the effects of a divorce on a person’s ability to have a successful marriage in the future. However, what about children whose parents are divorced, how could that dynamic affect their own marriages in the future? This question may be a concern of many people in Minnesota and is certainly valid in nature. 

Despite the “newness” of the topic for some people, assessing the connection between divorced parents and the likelihood that their children will also get divorced,  has been part of some studies spanning as far back as the 1990s. Results have shown a strong connection between divorces continuing through generations, but not consistently so. There are undoubtedly cases where children from divorced parents are able to maintain a successful, healthy and thriving marriage in their future despite the conflict of their parents’ relationship during their childhood. 

Studies show that children who experience the divorce of their parents are indefinitely affected and their exposure can affect their ability to forge strong relationships in the future. Experts recommend that fathers make a considerable effort to instill confidence in their daughters and demonstrate unconditional love as they build relationships of trust as their daughters grow. With dedicated involvement from a stable father-figure, females may have a more effective chance at selecting a partner later in life, who is an ideal companion. While there is still a connection, the likelihood of a child getting divorced in the future because his or her parents were divorced, is actually decreasing. 

If people are facing the uncertainty of separating from their partner, they may wish to contact an attorney for help. With the direction of a legal professional, people may be able to minimize the impact of their split on their future. 

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