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Consider your green options for an estate plan in Minnesota

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In Minnesota, eco-conscious living reflects the beautiful landscapes and natural resources that make up the state. Thanks to the “green” cultural movement, consumers challenge every industry to provide alternatives to wasteful or polluting practices. The funeral industry is no exception.

If you would like your funeral to be as eco-conscious or environmentally responsible as you are, all you need is to get creative and look for available options in your area.

What are green burial options in the Twin Cities?

Green burials all exist on a spectrum. Some burials incorporate more traditional methods and others avoid all traditional methods. They can also include fire or water cremations.

The following are local natural burial options:

If you are interested in incorporating green funeral techniques but you would still like a traditional burial, you can include this in your estate plan.

What are green funeral techniques?

Anyone can be environmentally conscious at nearly any stage of the funeral process. These can include the following:

  • A home funeral using dry ice or refrigeration instead of embalming fluids
  • Hand-dug graves (shallower for natural burials)
  • Local or native flowers
  • Locally-sourced biodegradable casket or urn
  • All-natural burial clothing and/or shrouds
  • Avoiding cement, plastic or metal burial vaults

These are only a few ideas. Your funeral plan can be as unique as you are. When you make your estate plan, make sure to communicate your wishes to your loved ones. Together, you can leave a legacy of respect and compassion for the environment.

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