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Adverse effects of divorce on the children

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Divorce

According to Familymeans, after a divorce, the parents are not only coming up with new ways of relating to one another but also learning the different forms of parenting their children. The effects on the children may vary. The children may perform poorly on their studies. Additionally, dissolution may prove to be difficult for the members of the family.

Similarly, the children might get confused and distracted while trying to figure out the dynamics of the family. It may reflect on their academic performance. Besides, children might lose interest in social activities. Research shows that divorce may socially affect children. The children may have a hard time relating to other children, thus having few social contacts. Also, they may feel insecure.

They may have difficulty while adapting to change. The children will have to adjust and adapt to the changes frequently. The new school, family dynamics, living situation or house, friends, among others, may have a significant effect on them. Similarly, they may get emotionally sensitive and overwhelmed. They may feel anxious, confused, angry, and lost. All these problems may arise from the transition.

According to Marripedia, divorce may diminish their capacity to handle conflict. A couple may divorce due to their inability to control marital conflicts and having an agreement. The children’s ability to have a stable marriage later in their lives diminishes when the parental modeling breaks apart.

Besides, the children may have a higher rate of delinquency as compared to the ones in intact families. After the divorce, their approval of divorce, cohabitation, and premarital sex may tend to rise while their support of childbearing and marriage falls dramatically. They may have a child out of wedlock as they may view marriage as an unnecessary way to get children.

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