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How can you talk to your children about your divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Divorce

After deciding to divorce, you may worry about how to talk about the subject to your children.

This topic is a delicate one, but by discussing it calmly and respectfully, you can help your children work through any anxiety they may feel.

Anticipate big emotions

According to the Mayo Clinic, most children react with anger or guilt once you tell them the news. Some may assign blame to one parent or another for the split. Crying or screaming can occur, as well as pleas that you both should change your mind.

Some children may even wrongly blame themselves for the split. Realizing you will have to deal with an intense reaction is one way to prepare yourself for this discussion.

Welcome questions

Allow your children to ask questions, and make sure to not stop a conversation before it starts. Many children need time to process these changes and may ask specific questions about where they will live or when they will see you.

Different ages may have different questions or reactions to this news. Younger children may need help processing or understanding why this is happening, while older children may ask for more specific details.

Emphasize what stays the same

Some younger children may start to doubt that you still care about them after you talk about divorcing from your spouse. In order to prevent those worries, you should make sure to state out loud that you will always love your children.

Talk about how you and your ex-spouse are still a team and show that you both can get along. A talk about divorce may cause stress, but preparing ahead of time can help.

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