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Taking a look at child support payment methods

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Child Support

If you have to pay child support, or you are getting a divorce and expect to pay support in the near future, you need to go over different issues related to these obligations. Aside from understanding how courts calculate child support and preparing for monthly payments, you should take a look at different payment methods.

A majority of child support payments come from one’s employer through income withholding. However, there are other ways in which some parents pay child support, such as parents who do not fulfill their obligations through withholding.

Different ways to pay child support

Aside from income withholding, there are many other ways parents can pay child support. According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, some parents can pay child support by setting up automatic, recurring withdrawals from their savings or checking account. Parents can also make online payments and pay via cash at a number of retail locations in Minnesota and around the U.S.

Additionally, some parents pay child support by mailing a check or money order to the Minnesota Child Support Payment Center.

Do not make direct support payments to the other parent

The Minnesota DHS cautions that parents should not send direct payments to their child’s other parent. For starters, parents who receive support directly must inform their child support caseworker and they could have to forward the payment to the state in order to ensure the disbursement meets federal requirements. Also, parents who pay support directly to the other parent do not always receive credit for payments they make.

Make sure you understand how to pay child support and stay current to avoid serious consequences.

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