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What you need to know about joint custody and vacations

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Blog, Family Law

If you share joint custody of your children, you split time with them between you and your former partner. Generally speaking, the schedule already in effect is enough to handle most circumstances.

Still, you may want to take dependents with you on vacation. Here is what you need to know before jetting off alongside your kids.

Taking children with joint custody on vacation

Many joint custody arrangements only mandate notifying the other parent of your intentions. Others require that you get written permission. A quick text or email is enough. Still, you may want a legal professional to confirm whether what you have is adequate.

Sometimes, joint custody arrangements name restrictions of where children may go. For instance, your agreement might say going farther than 100 miles is impermissible. Leaving the country could also be a restriction.

Whatever the details, it is wise to inform the other parent of your intentions. Working together is how you create the optimal situation.

Violations that involve taking children with joint custody on vacation

Ignoring the rules of a custody agreement might put you in contempt of court. Violators often get fines. Even more serious possibilities are incarceration and joint custody revocation.

The arrangement you have exists to support your children and their best interests. For their sake, follow it to the letter. It is possible to have your existing parenting plan altered. Work with a family law service to create a modification instead of not complying.

Going somewhere special with children creates memories that last a lifetime. Doing so must never violate an official order. Be careful when journeying with your kids on holiday.

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