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Is a collaborative divorce a good option for you and your spouse?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Divorce

Perhaps you dread facing a traditional divorce in court and your spouse agrees that the process could take months.

Instead of litigation, you might consider a collaborative divorce outside of court, an option that allows you to control the outcome.

About collaborative divorce

To begin the collaboration process, you and your spouse will sign a commitment agreement, which states that you will not go to court. The two of you will then sit down with your respective attorneys to discuss and find a solution for each divorce consideration from property division to childcare matters.

Major advantages

A collaborative divorce is a private process that takes place outside of court in more relaxed surroundings. No judge will be present. It is a respectful, much less confrontational way to develop a mutually satisfactory settlement agreement. Communication is essential. You and your spouse will share information. If necessary, you can call on outside professionals, such as a financial consultant or childcare specialist, to help resolve sticking points. Rather than having to abide by the decisions of a judge, you and your spouse can control the outcome of your divorce. You will find it takes much less time than litigation and is usually considerably less expensive.

Added benefits

You and your spouse can engage in a collaborative divorce at your own pace. You are not subject to court schedules. This kind of divorce process is also less stressful for everyone, especially the children of the marriage. Instead of dealing with the bitterness that often accompanies a divorce in court, collaboration can result in a more thoughtful and reasonable way to build future family relationships.

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