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How to talk to kids about divorce in an age-appropriate way

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Family Law

Divorce causes change in the family, but you can minimize the damage caused by that change if you come into the situation prepared to help your children. Even if the divorce is amicable and both parents plan to keep parenting the kids, they face a long list of changes in their lives, and when approached the wrong way, these changes can cause fear, uncertainty and anger in children.

Although there are better ways to tell your kids about a divorce, the Child Mind Institute specifies that how you handle it should change based on the age of your kids.

Keep it simple

It is tempting to give your kids lots of information to explain why you chose divorce, but the truth is, simplicity is the best option here. The kids may have a lot of questions, so give them simple answers and answer as truthfully as possible.

Kids often wonder who they will live with, if they will have to switch schools and how the divorce changes their interactions with the people they love. Parents should reassure kids that no matter what changes come along, they have support and help adjusting to those changes.

Avoid talk about money

Kids often feel responsible for family financial problems if they constantly hear fighting about money. Child support and alimony may be a big part of your divorce negotiations, but you should never talk about it in front of the kids. Avoid unnecessary conflict whenever you can.

Provide support and stability

You may not have worked out all the details yet, but your kids need to know that you are aware of their concerns. Remind them that even though you do not have all the answers, you are aware of their worries and their needs will continue to be most important.

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