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Protect Your Vulnerable Loved Ones From Financial Abuse

It is not at all uncommon. An elderly parent or grandparent entrusts a family member to their bank account and financial investments. Over time, something doesn’t feel just right about what is happening to the money, but nobody wants to confront Uncle John.

In most cases of financial abuse of the elderly in Minnesota, the “family trustee” didn’t intend to defraud the elderly person out of money. Twenty dollars here. Fifty dollars at Christmas. Justifying paying themselves a couple hundred dollars a month for time and energy. Before long, many thousands of dollars have gone missing and nobody knows what to do about it.

Elder Abuse Lawyer Greg Dittrich Knows What To Do About Financial Exploitation

If you suspect the trustee is stealing from your vulnerable loved one in Minnesota, talk to attorney Greg Dittrich at Dittrich Law Firm, P.A.. Our St. Paul law firm aggressively represents individuals and families who are seeking to prevent or avoid elder financial abuse. We will immediately investigate financial accounts, gather records and work to recover money and assets that have been withdrawn or transferred by fraud or unauthorized sale of securities or property.

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