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Answering Your Questions About Fair Child Support

For too many parents, harsh financial realities set in some time after divorce is final. We take a fully engaged, personal approach to helping our clients recognize facts and responsibilities up front, in order to make the soundest possible legal and personal decisions. The Dittrich Law Firm, P.A., brings both skill and empathy to the table, prioritizing your children’s interests and your personal well-being.

To discuss child support and other issues in your divorce — or if a change in circumstances compels you to consider seeking a child support modification — discuss your case with St. Paul, Minnesota, family law lawyer Greg Dittrich.

Setting Sound Expectations Based On Accurate Data

If you are facing or considering a Minnesota divorce that involves minor children, it is crucial that you understand how child support will be determined. Whatever other financial issues require resolution in your case, gauging how much child support you will be ordered to pay or you will receive is an essential step to plan for the divorce itself and your life afterward.

Minnesota child support orders are determined according to statewide guidelines that changed substantially in January 2007. Factors considered include:

  • Both parents’ gross incomes
  • The specific custody and parenting time arrangement that governs how much time each parent spends caring and providing for children
  • Essential medical insurance costs, including medical and dental insurance, as well as child care expenses
  • Minnesota Child Support Calculator

Greg can also help you with enforcement if there have been violations of child support orders or visitation rights.

While the calculation of child support is relatively straightforward in most cases, it can be important to work with the experience and skills of Greg Dittrich — one with solid financial and accounting knowledge. Greg is adept at evaluating financial documents, uncovering inaccuracies, and looking “behind the numbers” to help ensure a just outcome for you and your children.

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