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A Cost-Effective Way To Settle Family Law Matters

Family law mediation is a viable, often cost-effective way for men and women to settle disputes outside a courtroom. Our offices in St. Paul, Minnesota, are home to the family law mediation center — where many people have successfully resolved key divorce and post-divorce problems in a setting that can minimize stress and combativeness.

While mediation is not right for everyone, experienced lawyer and mediator Gregory Dittrich may encourage this approach after learning about your specific situation and goals.

Mediation is one means of alternative dispute resolution that can be used very effectively to resolve challenging issues involving:

A Way Reasonable People Reduce Stress And Cost When Sorting Out Differences

The great majority of divorces are ultimately settled out of court, but the costs of back-and-forth proposals and negotiations between attorneys can build quickly. When litigation is necessary, it is not unusual for all parties to be dissatisfied with the outcome. For people who are open to accepting the basics of Minnesota law, adopting a cooperative attitude and working forward toward settlement, benefits of mediation can include:

  • Overall cost savings that may add up to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars
  • Reduced stress on the parties to the case and any children involved
  • The opportunity for both divorcing spouses to present and express their needs in a safe setting with swift, fair resolution as the mutual goal

Experience And Versatility To Provide Sound Guidance

Attorney Gregory Dittrich has over 20 years in practice, with more than 13 focused primarily on pursuing positive outcomes for families immersed in custody or property disputes. When you come to us for counsel, you can depend on Mr. Dittrich to listen carefully and offer honest guidance on whether mediation appears a sound approach to your case.

For more information about our mediation services and other approaches to resolving your family law challenges, call 651-315-8002 or contact the firm by email.