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Dividing Marital Assets Fairly

Whether you are considering filing for divorce or your spouse has filed and you need to respond quickly, major financial changes and adjustments almost certainly lie ahead. You may have substantial marital property or a few key assets subject to division, the care and well-being of your children to consider, and important questions about your rights under the law.

Gregory Dittrich is an experienced, practical attorney dedicated to helping you deal with the many personal, emotional and financial issues arising from your divorce. To discuss your needs and goals in a free initial consultation, please contact the St. Paul offices of Dittrich Law Firm, P.A., serving clients in Woodbury, Stillwater and communities throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Guarding Your Future A Thorough, Practical Approach To The Division

At the Dittrich Law Firm, we take pride in our values and our determination to resolve tough issues in a divorce as fairly and efficiently as possible. Although property division may not be your greatest concern in this stressful time, it can have a huge impact on your future — and defending your interests now could prevent serious future regrets. You can depend on Mr. Dittrich to ask the right questions, carefully analyze your situation and propose creative solutions for equitable distribution — however complex your challenge may appear.

Legal And Financial Knowledge About Marital Asset Division That Can Work For You

Analysis and preparation may prove critical to the property division settlement you ultimately obtain through negotiation, mediation or litigation — all of which are familiar territory for us. Applying his strong business and accounting background, lawyer Gregory Dittrich uses current technology, balance sheets and other tools to address division of asset challenges including:

  • Division of ownership interests in a family business, 401(k) and other qualified retirement plans, and other assets requiring careful valuation
  • Separation of marital assets from personal property that should remain yours alone
  • Taking child and spousal support obligations into account when helping you assess ongoing financial needs
  • Locating hidden assets or income in situations where one spouse may be attempting to circumvent the law

Minnesota law calls for equitable distribution of property — which may not necessarily mean an equal division, depending on your specific circumstances. While the court works to make sure that each party receives a fair share of assets and debts, this by no means guarantees a 50-50 split. To begin planning and envisioning a settlement that will work for you, please call us today at 651-315-8002 or contact us by email.