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Orders for spousal support — often referred to as “alimony” outside our courtrooms — are far from an automatic consequence of divorce under current Minnesota law. Unlike child support, which is guideline-based and generally straightforward, complex calculations and case-building may be necessary to protect your interest in spousal support.

If you believe you have a legitimate need for spousal maintenance/alimony (or “palimony” if you were never married), or your former partner will likely seek alimony from you , talk to attorney Greg Dittrich of the Dittrich Law Firm, P.A., in St. Paul. The firm serves clients in Stillwater, Woodbury and communities throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Caring, experienced divorce lawyer Greg Dittrich is available to meet with you personally and help you form realistic expectations and a plan to assert or defend your rights.

Confronting Key Issues Of Need And Earning Capacity

Some of the key considerations in the award of spousal support are current need for support, ability to pay, and duration of the need for support. Financial facts must be laid out clearly, but judges have substantial latitude in this area and asserting or defending your interests may require:

  • In-depth analysis of your family’s current standard of living and any disparity between the two parties’ contributions and earning capacity
  • Arriving at an accurate assessment of the prospective payer’s income and the recipient’s educational and employment prospects

It is common for divorcing spouses to disagree about whether spousal support is needed, how much is appropriate, and how long it should be paid. This is just one of several issues — along with child support obligations and marital property division — that must be addressed as you attempt to plan for life after divorce.

Can’t meet the terms of your divorce alimony judgment? Minnesota courts will make modifications under the right conditions. Discuss your circumstances with us.

A Determined, Realistic Approach To Achieving Fair Outcomes

Led by trained and experienced litigator/mediator Gregory Dittrich, our firm is equipped to deal with complex financial issues that can arise for relatively high-income families. We will take all necessary steps to establish the facts in your case, help you form realistic expectations about alimony/spousal support, and explore creative solutions that may satisfy both parties. Although we settle the great majority of cases out of court, you will have a proven advocate on your side if litigation becomes necessary.

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