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How can you successfully co-parent with an ex-spouse?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Custody & Visitation

After a divorce, you may worry about how well you get along with your ex-spouse, especially when it comes to taking care of your child.

Learning how to deal with this new family situation is important for your mental health and your relationship with your child.

Communicate clearly

According to Psychology Today, taking time to speak directly to your ex-spouse regularly is a mature way to make sure you can work together. Texting and calling about any questions is one way to keep the line of communication open.

Petty arguments or disagreements can fill your relationship with tension, and it can especially affect your child’s well-being. Learning how to put aside your differences for important decisions will help you both work together to co-parent your child.

Respect the rules

Some people try to outshine their ex-spouses by allowing their children to break rules the two of you set together, but this can only lead to discord between you and your ex-spouse once he or she finds out what happened. Avoid trying to win over your child with extra trips out or new toys or games. Your rules and boundaries should stay the same even after a divorce.

Stay positive

Badmouthing or discussing private matters in front of your child is one way to frustrate and embarrass your ex-spouse. Instead of focusing on the negative, make sure to keep your words polite and respectful in front of anyone else you talk to.

Jumping to conclusions or accusing him or her of actions that may not have occurred is one way to ruin any potential good will. Co-parenting can be rewarding when you both respect each other and build a healthy relationship.

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