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What are some signs a person should not be your executor?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Blog, Elder Law & Estate Planning

As you write your will and plan out your estate, you may start to consider who you want as your executor. Since this role will greatly impact your beneficiaries, it is worth it to choose someone suited for the stress of this job.

In order to find the best person possible, you may have to eliminate some choices that do not fit. By taking an honest look at the habits and skills a person needs, you can find someone to be your executor.

Disorganized and bad with deadlines

According to Kiplinger, since an executor needs to work with the courts and submit important documents related to the deceased’s debts, this role needs someone who is good with deadlines. If your choice of executor constantly misses deadlines in other areas of their life or fails to turn in important papers when needed, then this may not work out well for them.

Unable to end or avoid arguments

Not only do executors need to deal with debt, but they also have to talk to beneficiaries about sensitive subjects. Since beneficiaries may fight among themselves, an executor needs to know how to stop this kind of arguing and control the situation. If your choice of executor tends to get angry or has no way to calm down others when it comes to arguments, this arrangement may not work out.

Talking directly with your potential choices about what kind of temperament and skills they need can help. Being able to write a will with an executor you trust is a great goal to have.

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