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Dealing with denied parenting time

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Blog, Custody & Visitation

If you have struggled with the inability to spend time with your child because of parenting time violations, you could have significant emotional challenges to work through. You and your child could face hardships because of these violations, which could also place strain on your relationship.

It is pivotal to have a clear understanding of the options in front of you with respect to the enforcement of a parenting time order. Moreover, you should try to stay positive and committed to securing a favorable end result.

The penalties for denied parenting time

The Office of the Revisor of Statutes covers some of the penalties that parents can face for parenting time violations in this state. For example, the court could award additional parenting time to the parent whose rights became violated, fine the party who violated the order and require them to pay legal costs incurred by the other parent.

In some instances, parenting time violations can even lead to contempt of court charges and prompt the court to reverse a custody decision.

Parenting time and your rights

It is pivotal to have a thorough understanding of your rights if your child’s other parent is threatening your ability to spend time with your child in accordance with a court order. You should review your unique circumstances since every case is different. For example, if you owe back child support, this does not give the other party the right to interfere with parenting time.

If you continue to face denied parenting time, make sure you address this serious problem immediately.

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