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How to avoid co-parenting disputes during the holidays

It's that time of year. Like many Minnesota families, you and your children are likely getting ready for the hustle and bustle of another holiday season. This year might be a bit different if you also happen to be one of the many families in the state who have recently gone through divorce. Are you a bit worried about your first post-divorce holiday season? You're definitely not alone in your struggle. Many parents worry that co-parent disputes will bring their holiday joy to a screeching halt.

Tips for working with a difficult co-parent

Parents in Minnesota and across the United States want what is best for their children. Going through a divorce and then trying to co-parent with a toxic individual can make a parent feel like good parenting is impossible. However, there are steps a person can take in order to be the best parent possible despite working with a difficult co-parent.

Joint custody more common in child custody cases

Minnesota fathers who get a divorce or who were never married to the mother of their children are much more likely to get joint custody than they might have decades ago. In 1980, sole custody went to mothers 80% of the time. In 2008, this happened just 42% of the time.

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