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Back child support and your federal tax refund

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2023 | Blog, Child Support

If you fail to pay child support in accordance with a court order, you could face a number of serious consequences. From the loss of your driving privileges to passport denial and even the threat of arrest, this issue could create serious challenges in your life. In addition, you could lose your federal and state tax refunds, which could cause unexpected financial complications. For example, if you count on your refund to address debts or cover living costs, the interception of your refund could create additional problems.

It is important to understand how tax refund interception works and address unpaid child support swiftly.

Unpaid child support and federal tax refunds

According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the child support office sometimes intercepts a non-custodial parent’s federal tax refund to collect child support arrears. If you owe over one month’s worth of child support arrears and more than $500 in arrears to your child’s custodial parent or $150 to the state, the state could take arrears out of your tax refund.

If the state decides to take arrears out of your federal tax refund, you will receive a notice from them.

Dealing with back child support and tax refund issues

If you face a partial or total loss of your tax refund, you should try to prepare from a financial viewpoint. Also, you can request a review by filing a claim with the Department of Treasury. In addition, it is very important to address back child support as soon as possible to avoid losing your federal tax refund and other serious penalties.

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