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The benefits of a collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Divorce

Many people incorrectly believe a Minnesota divorce must include a bitter court battle. Thankfully, today’s options often allow families to avoid the courtroom, maintain privacy and obtain an equitable settlement.

The American Bar Association states that collaborative law avoids the adversarial atmosphere of a traditional divorce process. It can help opposing sides of a dispute reach an agreement while minimizing arguments. However, sidestepping the courtroom is not the only benefit to this dispute resolution method.

Less costly

Court and attorney fees often add up quickly. This can put a strain on your finances as well as your mental health. You may decide settling for a less satisfactory agreement is better than facing a huge bill at the end of the process. In a collaborative divorce, you can eliminate many fees associated with the courthouse. You can also avoid the scheduling issues related to a busy divorce court.

More control

A judge might have the final say in some divorce cases he presides over. However, in a collaborative process, you and your ex can express your opinions and concerns in a safe space. You reach an agreement rather than have the outcome dictated. The informal environment and active participation by both parties often help reduce tension during the proceedings.

What occurs during a trial is public record. This means that anyone could potentially view the details of your life that unfold during your divorce. By keeping the proceedings out of court, you can maintain your privacy. Collaborative law utilizes negotiation and problem-solving techniques. This process might help you reach an agreement regarding custody, support and property division more quickly and less expensively than a traditional divorce.

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