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Do your kids need therapy during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Blog, Custody & Visitation, Divorce

While some divorces come as a surprise to one spouse, many other couples see the ends of their marriages as inevitable long before filing. That is, there are often warning signs that allow couples to plan for their divorces. Just like you, your children probably can easily pick up on these warning signs.

If you are intending to divorce your spouse in the next year or so, your kids already may be experiencing some psychological and emotional side effects. According to Psychology Today, these may include anger, sadness, depression, academic decline and behavioral issues.

Are your children struggling to cope with your divorce?

There is a difference between a healthy outburst and psychological trauma. If your children continue to have difficulty processing the news of your divorce, they simply may not have the emotional skills to deal with the end of your marriage. Therefore, if your kids do not bounce back after a couple of weeks, it may be beneficial to arrange a meeting with a child psychologist.

Have your children’s eating patterns changed?

Because depression often leads to eating irregularities, it is advisable to monitor your children’s food intake during your divorce. If your kids skip meals, consume fewer calories or overeat, they may be using their diets to regain a sense of control. A family therapist can probably tell you whether your children’s eating habits are normal or symptoms of something more concerning.

Even though you know your divorce will eventually conclude, your kids may not share your same perspective. Ultimately, by addressing their mental health needs, you may minimize the emotional fallout your children experience.

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