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What role do mediators play in divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Divorce

Mediators serve as a valuable tool in any setting where two disputing parties or more need to work out their differences and reach an agreeable arrangement.

This also holds true for divorce, where mediation remains one of the most popular options for those who want to avoid court battles and litigation. But exactly what roles do they play?

What mediation is

Forbes talks about mediation as one of the alternative methods to litigating a divorce. Mediation allows people to skip the court battle, which saves time and money. On top of that, it keeps private matters out of the eye of the public, as court records all get recorded in a public and perusable way.

But what exactly does a mediator do? In short, it is their job to ensure that all parties can reach an agreeable conclusion that does not benefit one any more than the other.

In divorce, this means helping a couple work through any disagreements they may have. This can include disputes over spousal or child support payments, custody arrangements and even asset division.

What mediators do

Mediators work to show a unique third perspective devoid of bias toward any particular party. They can make suggestions that a couple would not have thought of on their own. They can also mediate in the event of arguments and have a degree of de-escalation training.

Of course, it is important for a couple to have a base level of understanding and agreement before they attempt mediation. If there is no shared ground or agreement on anything, then a mediator’s work will not suffice to patch the gaps.

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