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Should you opt for joint custody?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Child Support, Custody & Visitation, Family Law

Parents often spend a big chunk of their time in negotiations trying to figure out what sort of custody option suits their family situation best.

While many options offer benefits to different types of families in different situations, joint custody is one option that seems universally beneficial.

Benefits for children

Psychology Today discusses joint custody as an option. Joint custody allows both parents to have equal legal custody over their children, and thus equal legal say in all important matters of their lives such as their religious affiliation, healthcare, schooling and more.

It serves as a major benefit for children due to the increased stability of a two-parent household. Studies that have followed children of joint custody over the years also enjoy numerous benefits compared to their peers who experience sole custody.

For example, these children often developed healthier coping mechanisms at a younger age. This could have contributed to their healthier relationships, which they were able to cultivate both at a young age and also well into adulthood.

Who may struggle with joint custody?

Of course, joint custody – as with any custody option – does not suit every family perfectly. For example, if one parent is facing accusations of abuse or neglect of any person including the child, they should be kept away from the child until the case goes to court and a verdict is reached.

Likewise, parents at a great physical distance, such as active duty service members, may not be able to make joint custody work. But it is a good potential option to consider.

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