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Tips on having a successful collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Divorce

Getting a divorce comes fraught with stress. Dividing assets presents a complex task. An even more sensitive topic is who will receive child custody.

Having a judge rule on these matters can be expensive and uncomfortable. Collaborative divorce remains one alternative that many find preferable. When choosing this path, recommended steps increase the odds of a successful outcome.

Stay honest

Collaborative divorce depends on everyone being truthful. There is no option to demand financial records under these circumstances. Thus, someone concealing assets ruins the process. Failure to display trustworthiness may trigger extra fees, stress and delays.

Play nice

Forgoing a courtroom visit requires decency and understanding toward each other. A fair agreement becomes impossible when animosity reigns. In the same way, the effect on dependents can be disastrous. Both parties must consider opposing needs and viewpoints. Practicing communication skills facilitates a healthy compromise.

Plan ahead

Agreeing on agendas before every meeting remains one strategy that smoothens collaborative divorce. Everyone goes in knowing what to expect. Using a checklist can help keep the proceedings on track.

Divorcing individuals should consider what matters most to them before entering negotiations. Likewise, one must think about what one is willing to trade away. This preparative task tends to speed up deliberations.

Both parties should bring financial documentation on debts, assets, properties and investments. Only with official materials present is it possible to forge a settlement free of doubt.

For many separating spouses, collaborative divorce provides the best way forward. That said, a happy ending depends on maintaining a mutually respectful approach.

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