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What can you do about an uncooperative co-parent?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Custody & Visitation

When it comes to divorce, co-parenting is often the most challenging situation couples face. This is especially true when one parent is uncooperative and prone to narcissistic behaviors.

Former spouses must form a united front to ensure their kids are well cared for. However, there are also steps you can take if your ex is unwilling to see eye to eye about child-reading topics.

How can you identify narcissistic tendencies?

Because narcissists typically think they have a higher status than other people, they are exceedingly challenging to deal with. They insist on admiration, to the point that they may lie about accomplishments they have achieved. They also lack empathy, which makes them ineffective as parents in many cases.

Narcissists can also feel entitled and require others to cater exclusively to their desires and needs. These traits make personal relationships difficult, but they’re even more disruptive when you share children with a person exhibiting them.

How should you deal with these challenges?

Setting boundaries is imperative when dealing with narcissism. By not giving in to your ex-spouse’s demands, you will deprive them of the attention they so desperately crave. For instance, if your ex has plans to pick up your child and continues to make unreasonable schedule changes, do not honor them.

Also, refrain from getting pulled into fights and arguments. Keep all topics related to your child and their needs. If necessary, only communicate via phone, text, or email if you find in-person communication stressful.

Having a parenting plan in place is also crucial when dealing with a difficult ex. Parenting plans establish specific rules that both parents must follow. As a result, they can constitute a road map for your co-parenting situation and ensure reasonable handling of disputes.

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