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3 reasons mediation may be beneficial for families

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Family Law

You and your ex know your romantic relationship has come to an end, but you are not necessarily out to “get” each other or spend a considerable sum on your divorce. If this sounds like your situation, you may want to consider whether mediation may be a smart option for you.

While mediation is not right for everyone, you may find that it works for you if you and your ex are splitting because you fell out of love, and not because one of you cheated or otherwise broke the other’s trust. If you do decide to move forward with divorce mediation, rather than litigation, know that doing so may offer the following benefits.

It may save you money

Most of the time, mediation winds up costing far less than litigation. You and your ex are sharing the cost of the third-party mediator and you are also avoiding many of the expenses associated with going to court. Mediation, by design, is also less adversarial, so the goal is not to “beat” your ex, but rather, to come up with solutions that please the entire family unit.

It may be easier for your kids

Kids often struggle when their parents fight, and this may be true before, during and after a divorce. When you and your ex opt for mediation, though, you are showing your kids that you no longer have an interest in fighting and are ready to come to an agreement. Watching the two of you work together even after you decide to split may also help soften the blow of the divorce.

It may help preserve what remains of your relationship

When you have children in the picture, you and your ex must remain a part of each other’s lives at least until they reach adulthood. While a litigated divorce may result in serious, potentially permanent harm to whatever relationship remains between you, a mediated divorce may do the opposite and help you maintain a working relationship moving forward.

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