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Divorce rates among older adults more than doubled since 1990

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Divorce

If you are inching up on retirement and also contemplating divorce, research shows you are not alone. A growing number of people living in Minnesota and other parts of the United States are now divorcing later on in life, and many are citing similar pressures placed on their marriages when doing so.

Psychology Today reports that divorce rates among individuals between 50 and 70 have never been higher. Also, the divorce rate among those in this age group more than doubled since 1990.

Why older adults are divorcing

Many older adults who decide to end their marriages do so after feeling dissatisfaction with them for six years or more. Often, married individuals decide to divorce their partners because they feel as if the partners are failing to meet their emotional needs. Other times, people pull the plug on their marriages because they envision a better, happier life with a different partner. Other times yet, people divorce because they feel as if their partners betrayed them in some manner.

What to ask before ending a marriage

Before you make the decision to divorce, consider having a long, hard talk with your spouse. Try to figure out if your hopes and dreams for the future still align, or if you might be able to get them in a place where they align. Consider asking yourself, too, what sacrifices you might be willing to make for your partner, and ask your partner the same.

Sometimes, having these hard talks helps you realize your lifestyles no longer align. In this scenario, you may have no other option other than to file for divorce from your spouse.

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