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Choose Wisely When Selecting A Divorce Attorney

Whether you are considering divorce, your spouse has already filed or you cannot resolve a challenging issue amicably, you will be placing your future into the hands of your attorney. There is no alternative to a successful outcome and there is no substitute for an experienced attorney.

The Dittrich Law Firm is here to help. Attorney Greg Dittrich built our Minnesota family law practice on sound ethical principles and values. Backed by in-depth legal knowledge and a commitment to exceptional personal service, our clients benefit from more than 20 years of legal experience at the negotiating table, in mediation and in court.

Dissolution Of Marriage: We Define The Issues, Then Develop The Best Strategy

We address the real challenges of contested and uncontested divorce and life afterward, taking care to:

  • Identify a workable, detailed approach to sharing time with your children, emphasizing continued close relationships with both parents if possible
  • Target reasonable orders for child custody and parenting rights, as well as spousal support, if any alimony is a consideration in your divorce
  • Advocate for fair distribution of marital property, ensuring that your financial interests will be protected to the extent the law allows
  • Strive to deal assertively with serious problems, including allegations of domestic assault or substance abuse, that must be considered in your case
  • Guide you through mediation as a potentially cost-effective means of reaching a settlement, when appropriate

The Right Lawyer To Protect Your Personal And Financial Well-Being

Mothers and fathers have equal rights under the law, and we have helped many people across the cultural spectrum — from St. Paul, Woodbury, Stillwater and elsewhere in the Twin Cities metro — achieve favorable custody outcomes. When financial matters are complex and disputed, Mr. Dittrich’s business accounting education and litigation background are key assets to our clients.

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